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About Homeopathy


The Oxford Textbook of Medicine defines I.B.S. as a "chronic relapsing complaint characterised by disturbance of defecation and associated with central or lower abdominal discomfort or pain and absence of organic disease of the bowel"


- abdominal pain,

- symptoms come and go,

- frequent passage of small amounts of stools,

- periods of constipation,

- passage of mucous in stools;

- made worse with stress


1. Malfunction of the digestive tract and associated organs,

2. Exposure to toxins,eg.alcohol,drugs(like painkillers),postviral syndrome etc.,

3. Allergies where the linings of the digestive tract react strongly to certain food


Using the vegatest, we are able to analyse how the body is functionng inside and out:we are often to localise,which organs are at the root of the problem,and also specify what allergies may be involved depending on each case.The treatment for each case is different and usually involves natural remedies and allergen avoidance.