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About Homeopathy


- Pain in the central chest area,possibly radiating just below the ribs,

- acid regurgitation up into the throat and /or mouth,

- abdominal discomfort;

- bloating


- food allergies,

- over acidity in the body,

- bacterial infections,

- antibiotics,

- overuse of painkillers etc. ,

- psychological stress,

- poor gall bladder and/or pancreas function.


Conventional treatment involves the use of antacids,which generally only work for short periods of time because the underlying cause has not been tackled.

Using the Vegatest,we can usually find out why the patient has got indigestion,and then treat it with various combinationsof the following;

- avoiding food which disagree

- correcting the imbalance of the acidity in the gut,by using remedies to promote the re-growth of the populations of the right types of bacteria(these are the good ones which help us digest our food)

- suggesting life style changes:diet,exercise,counselling;

- homeopathic treatment for gall bladder and pancreas malfunction.