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About Homeopathy


Is an infection usually caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans,which can be found most commonly in the mouth,vagina walls,and lower passage.as long as the body is in balance candida remains under control.It is more common in women.


- inflammation and itching of external genitalia and vagina,

- non - smelling vaginal discharge,

- painful urination,possible with increased frequency,

- possible white patches over bagina,

white patches in mouth.


- late stages of pregnancy,

- diabetes,- following courses of antibiotics,corticosteroids,or oral contraceptives,

- wearing nylon tights

- poor nutrition,

depressive mental stage,and any disorder where the person is "run down".


The common orthodox treatment is to prescribe fungicidal drugs such as Nyastatin.

Our approach is as follows: we use the Vegatest computer to find out what has caused the body to allow candida to invade the body and we then use specific homeopathic remedies to restore functional balance.Once the body functions at its optimum,its immune system will control the candida infestation naturally